In Tribute to Harriet

Our Conductor
Journey Log

I have wanted to write something in dedication to Harriet Tubman for a long time, but have struggled to find the right topic and the right medium.  This travel log, which chronicles my quest to fulfill Harriet's promise of freedom, is a living tribute.  She mesmerizes me, this warrior woman, sage who carved a path through the wilderness and led her people people to freedom.  Even before this recent shit storm of a presidential election, I had begun to think very seriously about Harriet's strategy. What lessons can I, her daughter, born ostensibly free and living in the country from which she liberated herself, learn? What trails might she blaze? More importantly, what will I do? 
  • What does freedom means for me/ to me as a heterosexual, married, educated Black woman who is a US citizen in the 21st century under the era of Tr*** and my attempts to navigate the myriad ways that these privileges and disadvantages intersect.
  • How will I challenge my own internal boundaries as I cross geographical boundaries and begin to reimagine home and community that is global, multinational, and multilingual.
  • How do I forge coalitions throughout the African Diaspora in order to build cooperative communities and businesses that contribute to our collective health and wealth.