The Art of Becoming

When we are children, adults ask us, "what do you want to be when you grow up?". I was a young writer (mysteries, comic books, elementary school award winning essays). I was a sculptress after I learned about Edmonia Lewis in the 4th grade, carving soap and taking things apart. I was a clinical child psychologist (before freshman psychology), and then... a philosopher who said no to being an academic. I have spent many years crossing disciplines, industries, and geographies trying to figure out what/who I am becomming. I have come to realize that the becomming is the point, the growing, the journey; not the destination. I am becoming more of me each day and each year and that is my life's work-- to become fully myself so that I can walk fully in my gifts.  This portfolio is about that journey.  There have been lots of ups and downs, hard lefts, walking in circles, and forward leaps. As I near my 40th year and begin the next major chapter in this crazy quilt, improvisational dance that is my life, I have decided to begin chronicling my literal and figurative journies.

​Come Dance With Me!


We The People
I don't usually watch the Grammy's and so I missed Tribe's performance. I saw them perform "We The People" on Saturday Night Live, but when my husband told me about the Grammy performance I pulled it up on Youube.  Watching it brought tears to my eyes. I grew up with Tribe and have always been a fan.  They consistently create music that speaks to and for the people and so I was not surprised by their audacity. I am shining a spotlight on this song, because it takes such a powerful and unambiguous stance and raises a lot of important questions that "We, the People" will have to face. Namely, who is the "We"?

Even if you have already heard this song, it is worth another listen.
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